Portfolio Management

Portfolio Creation

When you first log in, AV will automatically create your first portfolio with a name that you choose.

To create additional portfolios, visit the portfolio management drop down menu on the top right of the application. This menu also enables you to restore portfolios.

Portfolio Access

Each instance of a portfolio in AV is specific to a computer and browser.

To access your portfolio on a different computer or a different browser, you may:

  1. use AV's cloud; or
  2. create a local backup copy of your database and then restore from wherever you make the local copy available.

AV Cloud Backup

The default setup is to automatically backup each of your portfolios to AV's cloud. You are able to restore your portfolio from wherever you choose.

In Settings>Data, you can invoke a back up of your portfolio to AV's Cloud.

Local Backup

In Settings>Data, you can create a local back up copy of your portfolio. This process will create an encrypted .bak file that you can download through your browser. This process enables you to put an additional layer of protection on teh file by setting a Passphrase.

Settings Import/Export

In Settings>Data, you can import and export just the Settings data of your portfolio. This is useful in creating a new portfolio that duplicates only the settings from an existing portfolio (i.e. your investment data is not included in the export).

Delete Portfolio

In Settings>Data, you can delete your portfolio. If you use multiple browsers or multiple machines, you must delete your data cache from each browser on each machine to ensure all remnants of your AV data are completely destroyed. See Security for more information.

Rename Portfolio

In Settings>General, you can rename your portfolio.