The following highlights key views provided in AV. You may filter each of these views.

Account List View

The Account List view provides you with a list of accounts in the portfolio.

Asset List View

The Asset List view provides you with a list of assets in the portfolio.

Asset List Summary View

The Asset List Summary View provides a list of assets that fall within a Group (e.g. assets that contain a specific attribute) and a total for each Group (e.g. low risk versus medium risk assets within the risk attribute grouping). Assets are assigned by AV automatically to Asset Groups based on Asset Structure, Asset Class, and by Attributes. An asset may belong to many Groups.Since each asset may be assigned to multiple Groups, the sum total of assets within all Groups may exceed the value of the portfolio.

Asset Class Structured View

For some Asset Classes, AV has a predefined structure for the asset information. This structure enables specific, detailed display and analysis of assets in those Classes, individually and collectively, in the Structured views of Assets. The Structured Views give rich, context sensitive information. For an example of the type of data supplied in a Structured View, see Private Funds.

Transaction List View

The Transaction List view provides you with a list of transactions in the portfolio.