Performance Across the Hierarchy

AV computes historic, current, and projected gains, income, rates of return and multiples-on-money for all levels of the AV portfolio hierarchy. Please see Portfolio Hierarchy for detail of the AV hierarchy.


AV uses XIRR, a time-based cash flow calculation of internal rate of return, to allow you to compare returns across disparate assets and asset classes; AV refers to the XIRR calculation as a vXIRR (virtual XIRR) in cases where a reasoned assumption is made to the liquidation value of the asset.


AV uses MoM, multiple on money or multiple on invested capital, to measure investment performance. The calculation is: (position value plus distributions)/contributions.

Profit Potential

AV uses a Profit Potential figure to show how an asset is performing. The figure is a combination of realized gains and income with an unrealized gain. The unrealized gain is based on asset liquidation at either a market value (if known) or a liquidation value that AV employs from a recent transaction. In AV, Profit Potential = Realized Capital Gains + Income + Unrealized Capital Gains.

Performance Matrix

Near the bottom of each asset page is a performance matrix that shows you asset performance across all AV modes.