Transaction Status

Transaction Status is delineated for each transaction, including those that are incoming (e.g. share sales, income) and those that are outgoing (e.g. share purchases, expenses).

The following describes each transactional status:

Transactional StatusDescription
Needs ReviewRequiring investor action
PendingNot yet occurred but are committed to by the investor or by the party with which the investor is transacting
PlannedNot yet occurred but represent the intentions or expectations of the investor
DisregardedIntentionally omitted

Pending and Planned transactions are collectively referred to as Projected transactions.

Transaction Types

Below please find a list of AV transaction types with the affects described for each:

Transaction TypeAffects CashAffects CapitalAffects Shares
Capital IncreaseYesYesNo
Capital DecreaseYesYesNo

Capital Transactions

Capital transactions allow you to change your cost basis in an investment and affect cash without affect the number of shares of the asset you own (e.g. in an LLC or private fund where capital is returned to you without reducing your ownership of shares).

Send and Receive Transactions

Send and Receive transactions allow you to make changes to the shares you own of an asset without recording a cash offset (e.g. in the case of gifting shares or inheriting shares).


An investor may duplicate an existing transaction.


To optimize performance, AV bundles transaction updates. Once you add or edit a transaction(s), AV will prompt you to, when you wish, “Calculate”. The Calculate function calculates quantities and values based on the modifications. You may continue to use AV while the Calculation process runs in the background.