Asset Classes

First Level

When creating a new asset, you assign an Asset Class. First level predefined Asset Class choices include:

  1. Alternative;
  2. Annuity;
  3. Cash;
  4. Cryptocurrency;
  5. Fixed Income;
  6. Insurance;
  7. Other;
  8. Preferred Stock; and
  9. Public Equity.

Second Level

For some first level Asset Classes, AV pre-defines second level Asset Classes.

Additional Level

In Settings>Attributes>Extension+, you may add and/or delete a subclass(es) to any existing Class.

Totals by Class

Each asset may be assigned to a single Asset Class. The sum total of assets in all Asset Classes is the total portfolio value.

Structured Views

For some Asset Classes, AV has a predefined structure for the asset information. This structure enables specific, detailed display and analysis of assets in those Classes, individually and collectively, in the Structured views of Assets. The Structured Views give rich, context sensitive information. For an example of the type of data supplied in a Structured View, see Private Funds.