A source is a method of entering Asset and Transactional data into AV. There are three types Sources:

  1. Manual: tracks data you enter manually into AV;
  2. File Import: tracks data that you enter via upload of a file; and
  3. Integrations; tracks data that enters AV through one of AV's pre-built connectors to third-parties.

Deleting Synched Data

After a Source file has been uploaded and Synched, you may delete the data from that file by deleting the file on the Source page.

Viewing Data by Source

You may see all transactions from a Source in the Sources view. You may also filter by Source when viewing transactions elsewhere in AV.

Financial Institution Integrations

AV uses Plaid to connect to your financial institutions. That connection enables AV to import your investment data (e.g. positions and transactions from the investor’s brokerage account). Your financial institution credentials are communicated directly with Plaid. We never see or have your financial institution credentials. AV only has access to data that you authorize Plaid to use.