Portfolio Hierarchy


AV enables you to manage multiple Portfolios, each of which is completely separate and distinct (i.e. there is no interaction across portfolios). The hierarchy within a Portfolio from top to bottom follows.


Within each Portfolio, you identify Parties. Parties may be well known institutions (e.g. Schwab or JP Morgan) or any other entity you wish to create to contain accounts and assets (e.g. a LLC or other financial relationship).


For each Party, you may have multiple Accounts. Each account in AV is typically tied to an account at a financial institutions. In some cases, however, you may create an account to contain assets where there is no formal account at an institutions (e.g. in situations where you may want to sub-divide your ownership of assets within an LLC).

For each Account, you choose a Default Quantity Source: Transactional if you want AV to keep track of your share quantity based on transactions, or Manual if you want to provide your current share quantity manually, irrespective of transactional information.


Assets are held within Accounts or across multiple accounts. AV provides a consolidated view of a single asset that is held across many Accounts (e.g. shares of Apple held in three brokerage accounts).

An investor may duplicate an existing asset.


Share lotting is supported for all Asset Classes and for all transactions including those that are Projected.


AV supports booked, pending, and planned transactions.