AssetView features


The power of a complete portfolio

Unified view across all asset classes (e.g. stocks, bonds, crypto, private funds, real estate)
Unified view across brokerages (e.g. Schwab, JP Morgan, Fidelity) and other financial parties (e.g. bank, partnership)
Each asset aggregated for positions across financial institutions (e.g. Apple stock held in 3 accounts)
Transactional level detail across history, pending and planned
Each asset tracked by lots (i.e. know your cost basis and unrealized gain)


The right tools

Manage cash across all accounts
Manage liquidity (e.g. know current cash balances and on any future date)
Manage portfolio diversification and balancing
Plan investments and specific transactions and see the effects on future portfolio balancing, performance and cash flow


Better view, decisions, and returns

Track performance by date-based internal rate of return (XIRR), cash flow, capital gain, income, and profit potential
Track performance with respect to a financial party, account, position, and lot
Track performance to date, on closed positions, on active positions, and based on planned transactions
Track current to planned performance to determine a date on which selling an asset optimizes the return
Track structured data specific to asset class (e.g. unfunded commitments on private funds, multiple calls for bonds)


Make it how you want it

Customize your dashboards
Customize your attributes on accounts, assets, and lots
Private, secure, flexible, extensible, and scalable